Friday, April 25, 2014

For the love of Rage

Everyone who knows me knows I love Rage Shoes. They are my favourite brand. In fact I have so many pairs I should be their brand ambassador.
I posted a pic on their Facebook page a while back in order to win a voucher to fuel my already out of control shoe addiction, but the gods decided I have enough shoes and don't need any more, for now!!! So I decided to post my favourite pairs I have and those I so desperately want.
                               What I Have

What I want

Thursday, February 20, 2014

King of Kitsch - Tretchikoff Prints

I love art and I've always loved Tretchikoff prints in particular and while I cannot paint to save my life I always stared with wonder at paintings wishing I had the gift that both my dad and sister has. I always said, once I own a flat I want his prints on the walls. So I went to look on the net to see how much they sell for.... the prints that is unless I find a few million pounds somewhere for an original.  

I was browsing Gumtree and to my surprise they go for between R600 - R1500 and then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I've always walked past them in my grandma's house that must have been where the love affair started. So I called my aunt and turned out my grandma has two of them, Lost Orchid and Weeping Rose... now I have to go grovel by her to get them. Since I'm relocating to Cape Town they will be an awesome housewarming gift!

Here's my favorites of him:

The Lost Orchid

Weeping Rose

Lady from Orient

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knitting - Grandma Sports - NO! it's not

This morning after leisurely reading my All for Women news letter I came across something very interesting. The newest craze seems to be arm knitting or am I behind again for the rest of the world? Yes I'm 30 plus and yes I love knitting - soooo what! But this seemed a bit confusing, my arms would tangle and I'm left handed which confuses me even more, but the great thing is you can knit a scarf in 30 minutes - how awesome is that! So I looked around on the net for some simple instructions and came across a blog that made it so easy.

The blog is called Simply Maggie and the instructions seems easy enough. I cant wait to try this, but first lets get to some Youtube videos and figure it out. The chunky scarfs look awesome and you also don't have to pay a fortune for them. See some great ones below.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 New Year, Fresh Start

Well, its time for me to jump on the bandwagon again, but I refuse to call this new years resolutions because everyone knows a new years resolution only counts till the end of Jan, so I will go ahead and call this 2014 Goals and I only have 5!

1. Getting my Style Star on!

While no one has ever seen me being lured out of a drain with a Marie Biscuit, I will admit I haven't paid as much attention to my style in 2013, and its not like I don't have the ability to dress to a tee, I was just not being my usual planning self and while I'm proud of my massive weight loss, having clothes 2 sizes too big didn't help the situation either, but this year I need to step it up a bit, especially on the corporate front. Don't get me wrong, I will still get my devil wears prada on, by stashing flats under my desk, cause its time to face the fact that I can't be in heels for hours on end anymore, I'm way past that point of suffering for beauty. So this goal is to pay attention to what I wear, buy more staple pieces for work and up my handbag collection. Since someone told me I look "vaal" last year I guess I will have to step up in the make up department too.

2. Relocation

This will probably be the one goal I will work the hardest on this year. I love my job and Pretoria, but being alone up here for the past 3 years has taken its toll. Everyone and Everything I love is down in Cape Town and that is where I belong and while my bosses lip was hanging on the floor when I told him about my plans to move back, he agreed to assist me to get back home since I want to stay in my current company. Wish me luck on this one!!!!!

3. Maintaining my weight

I have worked my ass off last year to loose the 12kgs I packed on in 2012 and I did it, its GONE!!! This year I will focus on just maintaining my weight, cause while I have a closet full of big clothes, I plan on altering them all to fit my current frame and there will be no going back. Most people think I lived of lettuce leaves and laxatives, but I made a lifestyle choice and lost the weight the hard way. I still eat normal food, have wine and buy Chicken Licken (yes I love chicken licken)

4. Getting to financial well-being

I do think I'm better off then most of my peers in this department and while I'm not drowning in bad dept I still have two pesky things called a clothing account and a credit card, which is depleting my piggy bank. Yes yes I know I said I want to sort it out last year too and that didn't happen so a more collective effort will be made this year. Since I would like to invest in property soon I need to put a self imposed ban on shoe shops and stay away from malls. 

5. Read More

I really lagged in this department and I'm sure my reading buddy Mel will have much to say about this once its posted. I didn't reach my goal on Goodreads but this year I'm hell bound on doing it. I have a ton of books just waiting to be read and I plan on doing it. My goal is to read at least 20 books this year and I plan to not fail again but then I need to delete Candy Crush of my phone hehehe.

So yeah, there they are. I will need to get back to this post by Dec 2014!.